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The Challenge: Sullivan County TN came to us with great potential and work ethic, but without a web presence. They were in need of labor data and targeted sector data. Sullivan County was exceptionally eager to build on their strong existing industry and skilled labor to recruit business and was ready for the next step in their plan to create new jobs for the communities of their region.

Our Concept: We knew what NETWORKS - Sullivan Partnership had to offer. Our challenge was to translate their strong economic assets into a cutting edge web presence. We supplied them with detailed labor data, targeted sector data, and tax incentive breakdowns. Their complete Insyteful Web Design told their story in a straightforward and engaging way. They also use InsytefulPRO Tracker to identify and reach out first to businesses and to recruit harder for their community.

Services Provided

  • Insyteful Web Design
  • Core4 Focus
  • InsytefulPRO Tracker

“Insyteful goes out of their way to make the website process as easy on you as possible. As CEO of our Economic Development Organization, I simply did not have time to spend hours working on the website. They gave us total control of the site by way of their kickoff, midpoint, and final meetings without monopolizing our time. They also uploaded 95% of the content for the site which was a huge help to us. Lastly, the targeted data these guys gave us is phenomenal. They get it, and they will help you be successful. Choosing Insyteful for our website was one of our best decisions.”

— Clay Walker, CEO Kingsport/Bristol, TN Economic Development