Virtual Building PROCalculator

Considering a Spec Building or perhaps a Virtual Spec Building for your community? The Virtual Building Calculator takes virtual buildings to the next level. Our patent pending interactive website tool allows prospects and site selectors to configure exactly the building they want online, see the costs and timeframe, all with the click of their computer mouse. Then you deliver those engineered, pre-certified, shovel-ready plans in 48 hours.

  • Fully delivered plans for a fraction of the cost of a spec building
  • Real-time, interactive results
  • Our standard calculator offers up to three building sizes
  • Building options can be changed to meet your specific needs
  • Available for specific industry types
  • Your prospect configures the building they want before the plans are delivered
  • Include specific incentives for your location
  • Enlargeable Artist’s renderings for each building size
  • Completely mobile-friendly & responsive
  • Over 2,000 potential combinations of building options

Pairing the Virtual Building Calculator with PRO Tracker gives you incredible insight into your anonymous website and virtual building visitors.

PRO Tracker is Caller ID for your website. PRO Tracker allows you to identify the companies as they use the calculator – every variable and configuration change they make while using the calculator, including company name, contact information, industry type, and complete calculator visit – all delivered straight to your inbox.

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