Targeted Sectors

A marketing-forward, sales-oriented presentation of your identified target sectors that will become a foundation point of your website, digital, and print distribution.

Too often your critical data supporting your target sectors is just a static copy and paste list of different demographic, industry, and labor statistics, disorganized, and as likely to sell against you as sell for you.

The Insyteful approach to Targeted Sectors data display takes the boring mountains of spreadsheet data and replaces them with organized, visually attractive, interactive targeted industrial sector data.

For each sector, this downloadable display includes important elements including your laborshed map, regional education/workforce training pipeline, and five detailed data sections with visual graphs and data content supporting your ranked local industry and skilled labor, along with your favorable data comparison to the US averages.

  • IEDC Data Standards
  • Sales-Oriented Presentation
  • Complete Laborshed Workforce Data
  • Downloadable as CSV spreadsheets
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