Sector Industry Analysis

Targeted Industry Analysis/Laborshed

Understanding and marketing your community’s target industry sectors is one of the core elements of any sound economic development strategy and brand marketing. Yet, accurate, timely, data-rich target industry information is often overlooked, incomplete, outdated, or the product of “wishful thinking.”

Why This Matters

Your core audience – site selectors and corporate decision makers – is charged with identifying communities and regions most likely to match their industry client’s needs, including raw assets, labor, existing industry, and more. Their list is specific to the client’s industry, their decision window (or more likely their elimination window) is brief, and their field of play is global. And from your standpoint – your time and resources are limited. Your community outreach must focus on “winnable” projects. Having a data-driven understanding about where your community should be positioned, and a data-rich delivery to your core audience is key to setting policies and strategies to compete for projects that play to your community’s unique strengths.

This in-depth study and research identifies your community’s unique strengths and core industries where you are competitive, also serves as the long-term foundation for the data-driven content of your website, with attention to the needs of your core audience.

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