Why Insyteful?

Our past results predict the future. Since 2014 our clients have announced 5,311 new jobs in their respective communities. 80% of our clients have landed an economic development project within two years of working with us. And having served more than 60 clients around the US and Canada, our sample size is large enough to make the 80% a credible number. While past performance is no guarantee of future success, based on other clients we have served, you would likely have an 80% chance of landing a project within a year of working our plan.

Our philosophy is as simple as this:

  1. Your website should work as hard for your community as you do.
  2. A successful economic development website thinks like a site selector.
  3. Plain talk always beats jargon and acronyms.
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of our clients have landed projects in the first two years.
actual jobs have been created since 2014.
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